Haegg & Haegg, a creative agency standing at the forefront of fashion, technology, and art. Founded by Jacob and Axel Hägg, our agency is dedicated to assisting brands in inspiring and innovating within the dynamic intersection of art and advertising.

Creative Direction

Our approach to creative direction seamlessly integrates with our brand strategy, ensuring cohesion from concept to execution. By aligning each creative decision with our brand narrative, we deliver impactful content while maintaining long-term brand consistency.


We specialize in crafting dynamic brand strategies by merging market research with creative insight. Through close client collaboration, we develop strategies that align with business objectives and resonate authentically with the target audience.

Social Strategy

We guide audiences through the market funnel stages with a tailored social strategy designed to drive awareness and conversion seamlessly.

Art Direction

Our art direction balances visual storytelling with brand essence. We curate aesthetic elements meticulously to create a cohesive visual language that effectively communicates our clients' narratives.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design expertise breathes life into brand identities, creating engaging visuals that establish a memorable presence across various touchpoints.

Studio Photography

Our studio photography combines precision and creativity to capture brand-aligned visuals that enhance storytelling and marketing efforts.

Moving Image

We produce dynamic videos that captivate audiences and enrich our clients' brand narratives, delivering a powerful visual impact.

AI Concept and Creation

Utilizing Generative AI Tools, we visualize concepts and generate captivating content that aligns with our clients' creative visions.

Brand Identity

We craft holistic branding solutions that intertwine storytelling and visual identity, encapsulating our clients' values for a memorable market presence.